About us

Creative Lead | Co-Founder

Freddi, an interdisciplinary designer with seven years of freelance experience, has cultivated a rich portfolio designing labels, websites, and logos for a diverse range of clients. His creative skillset extends to developing his own fonts for sale. After earning a B.A. in Communication Design from Wiesbaden, and further broadening his cultural perspective in Jordan on a scholarship, Freddi completed his M.A. in Type Design in 2022 in Mainz. That same year, he invited Tim and Paul to bring their unique skillsets to his ambitious typography project, Phont. 

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Business Lead | Co-Founder

Paul is deeply passionate about developing an idea from its beginning to its full potential. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, he brings a diverse academic perspective. His professional experience spans working in start-ups, multinational corporations, non-profit ventures, as well as self-employment.

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Scientific Lead | Co-Founder

Paula is a student at the technical university of Berlin. Her studies contemplate interdisciplinary topics such as mathematics, computer science, experimental physics, general chemistry and biotechnology. The last of which has become a great passion of hers and she is aspiring towards a Master’s degree in biotechnology. She met Tim, Paul and Freddie at the H_Ventures startup Programm and joined them in the startup mission.

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Technical Lead

Marcello is a recent graduate with an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from Utrecht University and B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science in Mannheim. After working as IT solution engineer for several years he decided to follow his passion for machine learning by pursuing a masters degree and he gained practical experience with his master thesis at Audi. He wants to put his technical and research oriented skills to good use as Technical Lead at Phont.

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Type Design Freelancer

Katharina is a designer from Wiesbaden. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Communication in Marburg, she studied Communication Design in Wiesbaden. Her projects in the field of type design, editorial, corporate and motion design have a strong focus on typography. For her bachelor‘s thesis she created the variable font Marbla, for which she received a Young Ones TDC Award.

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We are an enthusiastic and harmonious young team and invite you to join our journey. Since March 2023, we have relentlessly pursued our vision. Our efforts have garnered us several scholarships and fundings, such as hessian.AI, HessenIdeen, AI Founders Heilbronn, Unibator and Media Lab Bayern. We have participated in incubators like H_Ventures, European Film Market, SIA and numerous events. Our accomplishments include a Bronze award at Startups for Future and DDX and First Place at H_Ventures and AI Startup Rising. as well as nominations for the UX Design Award and Social Impact Award.