Phont combines artificial intelligence and innovative design to take inclusion and immersion in the media industry to a new level. Our technology also offers a new way of participation for the 2.5 billion hearing-impaired people expected by 2050 (WHO). We offer companies the opportunity to establish important aspects of inclusion, cultural diversity, and innovation in their streaming offering. By doing so, they reach new target groups while proving their values. Our vision is to establish a new standard in the streaming industry that will have a worldwide impact.

The unseen problem.

The Unseen Problem. Text, one of our most crucial mediums in this stimulus-saturated world, represents language but often only communicates content. This one-dimensional aspect of text should be expanded for the benefit of consumers. Especially for those who rely on written language, such as people with hearing impairments. When converting spoken language into text, we lose critical language information like emotions, national languages, dialects, accents, sociolects, voice characteristics, and intonation. This loss not only diminishes the diversity of speakers but also restricts cultural participation for the readers. Thus, we made it to our vision at Phont to create subtitles as diverse as language itself. 

While we can’t share all the details just yet, exciting developments are on the horizon. Stay tuned and join our journey towards providing more immersive and holistic movie experiences for everyone! If you want to be among the first to test out Phont, leave us your email and we’ll invite you to our beta testing when it’s ready. 

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